Title: What To Do/Not Do On A Sailor Moon Theory Article Or In A Discussion

What Do You Mean

Everyone always knows to follows the rules, but of course, there are more rules to this than you'll ever notice necessarily. Yes, that means you must be questioning why you should care right now when you can go and make a Sailor Moon Theory Article about anything. Of course, that's the whole fun, but there is always needing of rules as of things that allow anyone to create a Sailor Moon Theory (Members Only). For one, if we didn't have rules, well, you know it would be pretty chaotic on here as of anyone can do whatever on here. As always, if some users on the Sailor Moon Theories Wiki don't abide or persistantly break the rules upon any area such as Theory Article Discussions or Discussions alone, there will be warnings and as always, consequences for breaking them.

This is pretty much a more simplified Rule Book as of the two others are based on Members on Sailor Moon Theories Wiki. This one is for everyone and everyone should really take a chance to read the article and take it in so they cna understand the rules on here. As always, contents will be below and you can click upon them to get ot different sections or so. I hope you read all of the sections (it's easy as always) and I'm guessing I will see you all then. I know, pretty much short talk on here, but just have fun reading here.


Section 1.01: Rating System

Rating System

To be honest, I have just created a Rating System on here, but this for reasons. I do remember this picture always being in the movie theater and the "NC-17" was always considered the worst as of NC-17 means that even if you are with your parent/parents, you won't be permitted in due to if you're 17 or under. Of course, NC-17 won't be allowed, but read below of the Rating System on the Sailor Moon Theories Wiki (this will be applied soon). To be honest, I sort of changed around the words to be a little more different and more explaining...

~ Rated HC (High Content; Anyone under the age of 16 should be wary about content included) - Violent Scenery/Expressions, Real Life Experiments (Humans), Drug References & Real Life Situations (Freak Accidents) - Example: Makoto Kino's Nightmare: What and Why? (Expressions of real-life freak accident, etc.)

~ Rated 13-16 (Anyone around the age groups beteen 13 and 16 are allowed or permitted to read the content; Usually the most common) - "Nightmarish" Settings, Usually Pasts of Characters, Certain Real-Life Situations introduced (Not All) - Example: Haruka Tenou's Past (Theory) (Nightmarish Setting of Abuse)

~ Rated A (For All Age Groups; This is for everyone and usually is based around characters solely not on their pasts necessarily) - Low "Dark" Content, More of Surrounding Theory is Light, Mostly the rarest Rating System used, No Real-Life Situations or Experiments. - Example: No Examples Possible

There are only three possible Rating Systems that will be given throughout all Theories and no going over or DO NOT have your theory include anything further more disturbing content as of it will be under review if this happens... But of course, I'm sure it won't hopefully.


"BE WARY OF WHAT YOU ARE READING" _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Section 1.02: Content Viewing/Photo Usage(s)

Usagi's Camera

Photos are used in order to express or show upon certain subjects of anything, especially this one as well as all Theories always must include pictures to be at least fun and visual! Of course... Some content will not be allowed as of there is a large audience seeing this possibly, and some pictures will be either taken out immediately by Admins of Sailor Moon Theories Wiki or I (Founder) shall remove the entire article and state the article has obscure pictures that should never been shown to the public.

Any Sailor Moon Pictures such as the one found on the right is certainly and should be entered in all Sailor Moon Theories Wiki, but you should really know what we never include in any Sailor Moon Theories Wiki Article, Discussion Page and Comment Sections throughout the little Community here. Obscure images that decipte anything that causes the audience to become uncomfortable, disgusted, or as well as having a certain "fear" or so to the image shall cause the user who posted it to lose their comment or if it's subjected upon a Sailor Moon Theory Article, it shall be edited out by Me, SailorMoonTheories, or the Article will be completely removed if there are more obscure images on it.

It's pretty simple right here anywho. Just please don't upload anything that is unecessary or so.


Section 1.03: Community Discussion and Comment Sections


We all know the "Add Your Comment" Section as of every single Article will have the option to do so, but sometimes, things can get a bit too argumentive or iffy in the Comment Section. So, there are rules to the Comment Section and the Discussion Sessions as well.

  1. Do NOT use any offensive language against other person(s) online.
  2. Please do NOT spam constantly as this does get irritating...
  3. Please do NOT argue in Discussions or in Comment Sections.
  4. You can comment if you like, I mean, just don't do anything terrible or rude however.

I just made this simple as well, so nothing so complicated to follow or so.



Thank you well for reading the last part of the Rulebook of the Sailor Moon Theories Wiki! It didn't take long to do this, but it was well needing as well for the whole community than just Members of the Sailor Moon Theories Wiki as anyone can comment here and there.

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