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Welcome to the "Sailor Moon Theories" Main Page! With the main idea that this is about Sailor Moon on the side, surely, theories are fascinating subjects to debate! Check out some theories about anything such as a character, place, ability, or more!

Of course, please be aware of the Rulebook Section that can be found in the Wiki Navigation or well below of the webpage. Along with that, please enjoy being a Member/Non-Member here by reading theories and commenting as you please (Comment Responsibly).

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Hello! A new and the last Rulebook Piece has been added below! Come check it out as of for all Members and Non-Members/Visitors.

A new "theory" has been released, but it's not a theory really! It's more of a perspective and derpy trip into Sailor Moon Crystal's animating errors! See it all at the section: Theroies (Other)

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Sailor Moon Theories Is For Reading And Discussing! Some Expectations...

I know, this is going to be one of those writings about not doing this or that, but I must. Sailor Moon Theories is for everyone who has a great theory behind a character, place, ability or other things that are found and presented in Sailor Moon. Of course, there are exceptions if you are going to create a Theory and even contribute to edit a theory that has been already created! The first link is rules upon creating a Sailor Moon Theory with helpful tips and pictures to guide you through the way! Other link below is for Rules Upon Sailor Moon Theories entirely and what you can edit upon.

(If you are a "Member" to Sailor Moon Theories, you should read ALL articles as of if you create your own, I will immediately "Protect" your article from changing until you (author) needs to change or requests for deletion of the Sailor Moon Theory; for everyone who enters and is NOT going to write any theories, please read the LAST Rulebook, along with the Members).

1. Creating a Sailor Moon Theory Article [1]

2. Rules of Contributing on a Sailor Moon Theory Article [2]

3. What To Do/Not Do in a Sailor Moon Theory Article or in Discussions [3]