Title: Rules of Contributing on a Sailor Moon Theory Article

Sailor Moon Theories is for everyone to enjoy and upload their own theory (with some rules that need to be followed as well; check "Rules on Making a Sailor Moon Theory Article") with others to check out the user's theories. However, there are rules that must be set upon the Wiki... There are not so many rules, so please read them carefully and taking understanding in the rules! Thank you!

Rules Of Contributing

(Remember, this is ONLY for members of Sailor Moon Theories. Users that ARE NOT members do NOT apply to any of these rules. 

In Rule #1, it's lovely to edit a article/wiki page if the Sailor Moon Theory Article/Page has grammatical errors and other errors that should be fixed in order to only improve the article. Edit only if necessary and if the article needs some fix-up or tidy up in order to make it improved and new.

In Rule #2 (simple one), you CAN NOT and DO NOT change the creator's name who created a Sailor Moon Theory Article/Page since it's forever their theory and so on. Don't try to change the creator's name INTO your name or anyone else's username into the "Creator" Signature...! Once a theory has finished, it will be automatically protected and can be only changed by Registered Sailor Moon Theorists.

In Rule #3, you can contribute photos, videos and even create your very own Sailor Moon Theory Article, but do not contribute unnecessary photos that have no usage for the Sailor Moon Theory Articles at all since it should stick with the Sailor Moon Subject... (I'm sure you don't need to contribute videos, but if you are a Creator of a article that would like "video evidence", then you can!)

In Rule #4, which is the most highly important rule is to NEVER CHANGE a Creator's "Sailor Moon Theory" on ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Even if you wanted to put YOUR own theory in, you have no right to do so except at the Comments Section or Blog Section. Changing a Sailor Moon Theory Article can be highly terrible if the Creator saw his or her article to be ruined and thrown around incorrectly form their true theory!

Thank You For Your Appreciation, Contributing and Viewing!

--SailorMoonTheories (talk) 22:01, February 21, 2015 (UTC) SailorMoonTheories