Title: Rules of Making a Sailor Moon Theory

If you are planning to create your very own Sailor Moon Theory, it'll be "Safety First" to be reading this or your article/page that you publish without reading this might not comply the rules! Don't worry! They aren't so strict, but there are some guidelines that should be followed in order to be stunning and very interesting to read!

Don't worry, you don't need to read only! There will be pictures on the side in order to assist you for information of how to design a basic Sailor Moon Theory Article/Page! It pretty much follows in the similar way as if it was a persuasive essay, but much more fun since it's on a fun subject!

What Is Your Theory?

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You seem you have a theory of your own in your head right now that you might think that others and even me have not thought of yet! What will the theory be? Will it be something about on one of the Sailor Moon Characters? If so, is it going about their past? Maybe their abilities or maybe about their birthplace. Do you have a theory that will be drawing in people to even argue or debate upon your theory? Or might as well be something about a location that took place in Sailor Moon or rarely has? So many decisions to make up a Sailor Moon Theory, which is the point! Many theories can come from so many angles from the Sailor Moon Franchise, might as well think of something that you are suspicious constantly about that you saw in the Sailor Moon Franchise (Anime or Manga).

Since publishing the first theory called "Haruka Tenou's Past (Theory)", this explained about, you guessed it, Haruka Tenou's Past, but, if you have read or not (trying not to spoil it), it's rather depressing or so. The thought came from Haruka Tenou AKA Sailor Uranus' harsh attitude around the Sailor Senshi and even if she was serious about her Sailor Senshi Duties, she was serious a lot around the time (or I have remembered her to be). To get me thinking, I started to think up and ask myself questions about why Haruka is cold as ice and serious; therefore, I knew this couldn't happen to Haruka all her life and she was like that! Think about it, what was Haruka like as a child? Warm, happy and open, but influences that are external and internal affected her, especially the internal influences...

Back to the idea, what is your theory? Do you want to explain your excellent theory? Then go on ahead, but you can't just now! You got some rules, tips and hints to do!

Basic Rules

In Sailor Moon Theories Wiki, the set of rules that will be given will be not long explanations, but they are still helpful to know as you are starting your very first Sailor Moon Theory Article/Page. Read the basic set of rules below.

1. The Theory should be longer than 3 paragraphs itself (5-7 sentences per paragraph; NOT including theory idea, summary of theory and brief character explanation) and can be as long as you like it to be. The reason is that short theories don't add up and there won't be a lot of detail or evidence that will be shown upon the article. If your theory is slightly hard to explain, it's best to search for some evidence or re-think if that theory of yours is fine or it's complicated still...

2. In a Sailor Moon Theory Article, always explain your evidence (best as you can). Your theory can't come out of nowhere exactly. This can include hints found in Sailor Moon, character personalities, or so on that can be evidence the viewers can find in the Sailor Moon Franchise.

3. At the end of the article, always have your "Signature with Timestamp" upon it after creating the Sailor Moon Theory. Once I have been notified about your theory being created, I will organize it into either the "Character" or "Other" Theories Section(s). This is needed in order for users to know who has created the Sailor Moon Theory.

Helpful Pictures/Ideas

Screenshot (1)

Screenshot 1; Arrows indicate required items for a Sailor Moon Theory Article.

On the side, you can see a Sailor Moon Theory Article as it was set up in the beginning, or the start of the Sailor Moon Theory Article based on Haruka Tenou. In the picture, you will find bright red arrows pointing at the Title, the smaller Title, and a line UNDER where I was explaining about how my theory came to be. OF course, you know you will have a title at the top, but put a second title in italics, bold, or normal text... Of course, always put a line after where you got the idea about the theory and why have you always wondered about it.

Screenshot (2)

Screenshot 2; Shows a main section in Haruka's Past (Theory)

In this next screenshot taken from the first theory article, this only shows one red arrow, which is pointing at the title or a section of the article. Sections are important to split up areas or you can leave only one in if it's a major section rather than splitting it up to several sections. If you are doing multiple sections, this can be basically based on several character's locations or a multiple amount of characters having their locations explained. Usually, One-Character Theories will commonly have one section rather than having multiple sections to split up the theory. Don't worry, you can have several sections, but they need to be long and explaining about that specific section.

Screenshot (4)

Screenshot 4; Red Arrows immediately indicate two important items for the end of a Sailor Moon Theory Article.

Now, this is an important screenshot, for that the red arrows are immediately indicating two sections: The Summary of the Theory and the Creator of the Article. Always have a Summary of your Theory in order to do a brief description of your Theory! But certainly, if you are the Creator of your Sailor Moon Theory Article and you would like to be 'stamped' upon it in order to show you have created it, PLEASE USE the button saying "Your Signature with Timestamp" in order to prevent others from taking your good Theory away!

Screenshot (5)

Screenshot 5; Shows an Article being "Under Construction" as of still being created.

Of course, there are times when you are not completed with the article. If so, then you need to insert "UNDER CONSTRUCTION", but I would always add in: "SORRY FOR THE INCONVIENCE!" after "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". It's just a good heads up to also use your signature after writing in "Thank You For Your Understanding" or something similar to that phrase to show that you are creating a Theory currently...

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Thank You For Your Understanding Viewers and Sailor Moon Theorists! --SailorMoonTheories (talk) 09:59, February 22, 2015 (UTC)SailorMoonTheories